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Tiger Looks Back - A Heartfelt Journey Throught The Martial Arts Arenas
Grandmaster Ng Wai Hong, founding father of present day Fu-Jow Pai Kung-Fu and leader of the Chinese Kung-Fu vanguard who entered the world martial arts arena, has received more than nine Hall of Fame awards & medals; such as Warrior, Pioneer, Man of the Year, and Lifetime achievement awards. He was also named as one of the best in the past hundred years and rated as the most influential martial artist in the past 30 years by Inside Kung-Fu Magazine.


Fu-Jow Pai Tiger Claw System -- 50 Anniversary
Salute to our founding father Grandmaster Wai Hong
"This 136 page collector's volume was created on August Moon 2007 in honor of the Grandmaster's dedication to Fu-Jow Pai. It contains his Tiger Claw System of Kung-Fu philosophy, handwritten personal notes and rare, unpublished photos from the past five decades." (Limited printing.)

The book is not for sale, it is available only through Fu-Jow Pai's Fund Raisng Program for the advancement of our system. Contributions of $30 and above are suggested.

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