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Late Grand Master Wong Bil Hong

Wong Bil Hong was born in 1841 in the Guan dong, Canton, province in China. He was formally trained in the Hung Gar system under Wong Kay Yin, then under his son, Wong Fei Hung. Both of these masters were one of the 10 Tigers of Guan dong. Wong Bil Hong himself would later become a master of the Hung Gar system.

Wong Bil Hong was challenged to a duel by a master of another system. The duel was scheduled to take place in front of the Hoy Hong Temple. After a deliberate interruption by a nearby monk, Wong Bil Hong and the other master were able to settle their differences. It was then Wong Bil Hong was taken under the wing of the nameless monk. He was trained in Hark Fu Moon, Black Tiger style. After many years of training, Wong Bil Hong mastered the system and was named the first official successor of the Hark Fu Moon system, which he would later name "Fu Jow Pai of the Hoy Hong Temple."

Wong Bil Hong only taught the system to two people. One of them was his nephew, Wong Moon Toy, and the other was Wong Bil Hong's servant. Before his death in 1934, Wong Bil Hong renamed the system to Fu Jow Pai of the Hoy Hong Temple and passed the system on to the two disciples. After the death of the servant, Wong Moon Toy became the official second generation successor of the Fu Jow Pai system.

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