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Late Grand Master Wong Moon Toy

Wong Moon Toy was born in the Guan dong province on April 21st, 1907. He began training in kung fu at an early age. When he turned 20, he had already mastered Hung Gar and Mi Chung I and was accepted as a disciple under his Uncle Wong Bil Hong in Hark Fu Moon, Black Tiger style. Although he had mastered two other systems, training in Hark Fu Moon was notably arduous and rigorous. To reach the standards of his Uncle and of the Hark Fu Moon system, he mastered mental and physical discipline accompanied by great endurance. His Uncle then took him up the Lor Fow Mountains for seven years of intense and strenuous training. Upon returning from the mountains, he was a fully developed genuine martial artist, forged by hard work and discipline. Away from commercialism, devoid of outside distractions and influenced by a highly evolved teacher tempered him into an unyielding but modest man.

Wong Moon Toy moved to New York City in the early 1900's. Wong Moon Toy taught Fu Jow Pai only to seven disciples. It was there he and the seven disciples opened Fu Jow Pai to the public on October 1st, 1957. A few years later he passed the system on to Wai Hong Ng. On March 14th, 1960 Wong Moon Toy passed away of a liver disease.

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