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Grand Master Wai Hong

Grandmaster Wai Hong renowned as the father of present day Fu-Jow Pai was born in 1938. His early training in kung fu included Choy Lee Fut, Northern Shoalin, and Tai Chi Chuan. When he came to America with his family, he was trained under and accepted as disciple by the late grandmaster Wong Moon Toy, and became his successor after his death in 1960.

Master Wai Hong had a vision as well as a mission. No more he wanted to see the kung fu hidden in the shadow of secrecy. He wished all men and women, young and old could be benefitted from the arts of Fu-Jow Pai. In order to defend the prosperity as well as the future well-being of the system he recognized a drastic step needed to be taken. After years of accessing the prospect of the arts for which he was responsible, he had decided that Fu-Jow Pai should be available to all. In 1968, he converted the Chinese Youth Athletic Club to the Fu-Jow Pai Federation, and opened his first school, Wai Hong's Fu-Jow Pai Kung Fu in New York City. Thus he had made the arts accessible to the public for the first time. His aims were to build a family where all students/members would insure brotherly love, better understanding and greater unity, to standardize the methodology in teaching as well as the certification of all Fu-Jow Pai instructors.

In the 70's he introduced kung fu the Chinese fighting arts to many colleges and universities in NYC. He was a pioneer in promoting kung fu competitions and full-contact tournaments in United States. He earned his respect from his colleagues in martial arts as well as in the Chinese community, and was given a respectable nickname "Great Hero". Among all his achievements and accomplishments, he is most recognized as the driving forces behind the formations of the Eastern US Kung Fu Federation, and the United Kung Fu Federation of North America.

Grandmaster Wai Hong is the author of "The Heritage of Fu-Jow Pai" and "The Secrets of Iron Palm." He has received more than nine Hall of Fame awards & medals; such as "warrior," "Pioneer," "Man of the year," and "Lifetime achievement" awards. He was also named as one of the best in the past hundred years and rated as the most influential martial artist in the past 30 years by Inside Kung Fu Magazine. He has trained many world class fighters including multiple division undisputed world professional fighting champions, Olympic Gold Medalists & International full Contact fighting champions and defending champions.

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