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Fu-Jow Pai Tiger Claw System -- 50 Anniversary
Salute to our founding father Grandmaster Wai Hong
"This 136 page collector's volume was created on August Moon 2007 in honor of the Grandmaster's dedication to Fu-Jow Pai. It contains his Tiger Claw System of Kung-Fu philosophy, handwritten personal notes and rare, unpublished photos from the past five decades." (Limited printing.)

The book is not for sale, it is available only through Fu-Jow Pai's Fund Raisng Program for the advancement of our system. Contributions of $30 and above are suggested.

Please send contributions by check, payable to "Fu-Jow Pai Federation," to:

Fu-Jow Pai Federation, Inc.
P.O.Box 130127
New York, NY 10013-0980

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